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Radio Manufacturer to Coaxial Connector Type Cross-Reference

1 Manufacturer - Model Mating Connector
2 *If the model you are looking for does not appear in this list, then (1) The antenna can't be removed or (2) We have failed to capture the information. If you find a model that should be listed, send us a message: [email protected] *This is the connector required on the antenna cable or antenna to mate with the radio product
3 3Com  
4 Airconnect Acccess Point 3CRWE747A, 3CRWE7474 MMCX Plug
5 Access Point 7000 / 8000 Series: 3CRWE820096A, 3CRWE870075A, 3CRWE91096A, 3CRWE825075A, 3CRWE875075A, 3CRWE725075A RP-SMA Plug
8 Actiontec  
9 R3010WAP, GT701AP and AU802C Access Points RP-SMA Plug
10 GT704-WR, R3010SUW and R3010UW Wireless Routers RP-SMA Plug
11 AeroComm  
12 ConnexLink 2.4 GHz Model (CL5124-200-232) RP-SMA Plug
13 ConnexLink 900 MHz Model (CL4490-1000-232) RP-SMA Plug
14 SA3000 Spectrum Analyzer RP-SMA Plug
15 AIR802  
16 USB-ADG-1, USB-ADG-2, USB-ADG-3 Wireless USB Adapters RP-SMA Plug
17 AP-G200, AP-G250 RP-SMA Plug
18 AP-G300, AP-G310, AP-AG500 N Plug (Male)
19 Airespace (Became Cisco 1000)  
20 Airespace 1200 / 1200R Access Points RP-TNC
21 AirMagnet  
22 AirMagnet PC Cards MMCX Plug
21 Allied Telesyn  
22 AT AIO54 RP-TNC Plug
22 ATW CL 007 (PCI) RP-SMA Plug
21 Allnet  
22 Allnet ALL0186 (Router) RP-SMA Plug
22 Allnet ALL0191 RP-SMA Plug
22 Allnet ALL0271 (PCI) RP-SMA Plug
22 Allnet ALL0275+ (AP) RP-SMA Plug
22 Allnet ALL0276 (Router) RP-SMA Plug
22 Allnet ALL0277 (Router) RP-TNC Plug
22 Allnet ALL0277DSL (Router) RP-TNC Plug
22 Allnet ALL0278 (Hotspot) RP-SMA Plug
22 Allnet ALL0281 (PCI) MC-Card
23 Alpha Network  
22 AWUSO36H USB Adapter RP-SMA Plug
23 Alvarion/Breezecom  
24 AP-10, SA-10, WB-10D Alvarion Proprietary SMA Male
25 BreezeNET Pro.11 Access Point 10-D, Station Adapter 10 D, Workgroup Bridge 10-D RP-TNC Plug (Male)
26 Amtron  
27 MW251 RP-SMA Plug
28 Aperto Networks  
29 PW600S-25-01, PW600S-33-01, PW600S-35-01, PW600S-53-01, PW600S-58-01 PackWave Wireless Bridge N-Male
30 PWR2500, PWR3300, PWR3500, PWR5300, PWR5800 PackWave Base Station Radio N-Male
31 Aruba Networks  
32 AP 70 RP-SMA Plug
33 AP-85FX/LX, AP-85TX N-Male
34 Asus  
35 Asus WL-138G (PCI) RP-SMA Plug
34 Avaya  
35 Avaya Gold (PCMCIA) MC Card Plug
36 Apple  
37 M8930LL/A, M8799LL/A Airport Extreme Base Station MCX-Plug (Male)
38 Apple PC Card (not AirPort Extreme Base Station) MC-Card Plug
36 Artem  
37 Artem TNC Plug
38 Artem CP-W11-D-ETS-128-T (AP) TNC Plug
38 Artem Compoint (AP) TNC Plug
38 Artem Comcard (PCMCIA) MC-Card Plug
39 Axxcelera Broadband Wireless  
40 ExcelMAX Full Duplex FDD (FD-FDD) CPE N-Male
41 ExcelMAX Half Duplex FDD (HD-FDD)/TDD CPE N-Male
42 AB-Full Access II 50M/8TE, AB-Full Access II 100M/16TE N-Male
43 AB-Full Access 50, AB-Full Access 100, AB-Full Access ET4, AB-Full Access ET8, AB-Full Access ET16 N-Male
44 Belkin  
45 F5D6001 / F5D7001 / F5D7000 PCI Card RP-SMA Plug
45 Belkin (PCMCIA) MC-Card
45 Belkin 55G (PCI-Karte) RP-SMA Plug
46 Blitzz  
47 BWA611 NetWave, BWA611B NetWave, BWA711 Super G, BWA721G, BWI605 NetWave, BWI715 Super G RP-SMA Plug
48 Bluesocket  
49 BlueSecure 1501 Access Point RP-SMA Plug
50 Buffalo  
51 Buffalo AirStation WHR-G54S, AirStation WHR-HP-G54S, AirStation WLI-TX4-G54HP, Wireless-G MIMO Performance Router & AP WHR-HP-G54 MC-Card Plug
52 WLI-CB-G54A AirStation PCMCIA Card, WLI-PCM-L11GP Airstation PCMCIA Card, WHR3-G54, WLA-G54, WLA-G54C, WBR2-B11, WLA-L11G, WLI-PCI-G54, WLI-TX1-G54, WRB-G54K, WLM2-G54 MC-Card Plug
52 Buffalo WLI-PCM-L11G (PCMIA) MC-Card Plug

Buffalo Airstation WBG-G54 (Router)

MC-Card Plug
52 Buffalo WAP54g (AP) MC-Card Plug
53 Campbell Scientific  
49 RF401, RF430 series spread spectrum radio modems RP-SMA Plug
50 Cisco Aironet (Also See Linksys)  
54 Cisco Aironet Bridges 340/350/1200, PCI card, AIR-AP352E2R-x-K9, AIR-BR1310G-x-K9-R, AIR-PCI35x Client Adapter RP-TNC Plug (Male)
55 Cisco Aironet 1230AG/1240AG Series 80211A/B/G Access Point RP-TNC Plug (Male)
56 Cisco Aironet 1300 Series Outdoor Access Point / Bridge RP-TNC Plug (Male)
57 Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge N-Male
58 Cisco Aironet PC Card, AIR-LMC35x Client Adapter, PCMCIA Card MMCX Plug
58 Cisco RPCM350 (PCMCIA) MMCX
58 Cisco Air LM-4800 (PCMCIA) MMCX
58 Cisco WAP4410N Wireless N Access Point RP-SMA Plug
59 Clarion Wireless LAN  
60 Clarion M10 SMA Plug (Male)
61 CNet Technology  
62 CWP-854 Wireless-G PCI Adapter RP-SMA
63 Cognio  
64 Cognio PC Cards MMCX
65 Colubris Networks  
66 CN320, CN330, CN1250 , CN-3300 RP-SMA Plug
67 MAP-320, MAP-330 RP-SMA Plug
68 MSC-3200, MSC-3300, MGW-1250 RP-SMA Plug
69 MSC-3200R, MSC-3300R RP N-Plug
70 MAP-320R N-Male *Some older version used RP N-Plugs
71 MAP-330R N-Male
72 Compex  
73 WLM54G U.FL
75 D-Link  
76 D-Link DGL-4300 (GamerLounge Wireless 108G Gaming Router) RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-514 (Router) RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-524 (4-port switch) RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-524UP (4-port switch print server) RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-614+ (Router) RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-624 (Router) RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-624+ G+ RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-624 XtremeG RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-713 RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-714P+ RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-724GU RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-824VUP RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-824VUH+ RP-SMA Plug
76 D-Link DI-451 (UMTS Router) RP-SMA Plug
79 D-Link DIR-625 RangeBooster N Router - 802.11n RP-SMA Plug
79 D-Link DIR-635 RangeBooster N 650 Router - 802.11n RP-SMA Plug
79 D-Link DL-713P RP-SMA Plug
79 D-Link DL-714P+ (Router) RP-SMA Plug
79 D-Link DP-G321 (Wireless-G Print Server) RP-SMA Plug
80 D-Link DPG-2000W (AirPlus G 2.4GHz Presentation Gateway) RP-SMA Plug
80 D-Link DPR-1260 RP-SMA Plug
80 D-Link DSL-2641T RP-SMA Plug
80 D-Link DSL-G624T RP-SMA Plug
80 D-Link DSL-G684T RP-SMA Plug
80 D-Link DSL-G804V RP-SMA Plug
80 D-Link DSM-G600 RP-SMA Plug
80 D-Link DVA-G3342SB RP-SMA Plug
80 D-Link DVG-G1402S RP-SMA Plug
92 D-Link DWA-542 RangeBooster N Desktop Adapter - 802.11n RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWA-547 RangeBooster N 650 Desktop Adapter - 802.11n RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-510 (PCI) RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-520 (PCI) RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-520+ (PCI) RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-614+ (Router) RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-660 (PCMCIA) RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-664T (AP) RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-800AP+ RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-810AP+ RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-900AP RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-900AP+ RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-922 RP-SMA Plug
93 D-Link DWL-1000AP+ (Air Premier 2.4GHz) RP-SMA Plug
94 D-Link DWL-1750 (Air Premier Outdoor 2.4GHz 802.11b Wireless Bridge/Router RP N-Plug
95 D-Link DWL-1700AP (Air Premier Outdoor 2.4GHz 802.11b Wireless Access Point) RP N-Plug
95 D-Link DWL-1750AP RP N-Plug
95 D-Link DWL-2000AP (AirPlus Xtreme G High Speed 2.4GHz) RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-2100AP (AirPlus Xtreme G High Speed 2.4GHz) RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-2700AP RP N-Plug
95 D-Link DWL-3200AP (Air Premier Managed AP) RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-3500AP RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-7000AP RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-8200AP (Air Premier Managed Dualband AP) RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-8500AP RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-G510 (802.11b/g PCI Adapter) RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-G520 (AirPlus Xtreme PCI Adapter) RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-G520+ RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-G700AP RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-G710 (802.11g Wireless Range Extender) RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-G800AP RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link DWL-G810 (802.11b Ethernet to Wireless Bridge) RP-SMA Plug
95 D-Link WMP-A12 (miniPCI) MMCX
96 Dell  
97 Truemobile 1150 PC Card MC-Card
98 DrayTek  
99 Vigor 2200VG RP-SMA
99 Vigor 2200W+ (Router) RP-SMA
99 Vigor 2500We RP-SMA
99 Vigor 2600G RP-SMA
99 Vigor 2600Ge RP-SMA
99 Vigor 2600Gi RP-SMA
99 Vigor 2600VG RP-SMA
99 Vigor 2600VGi RP-SMA
100 Vigor 2600We RP-SMA
100 Vigor 2900G RP-SMA
100 Vigor 2900Gi RP-SMA
100 Vigor 2900VG RP-SMA
100 Vigor 2900VGi RP-SMA
101 Edimax  
102 EW-7207APb, EW-7207APg, EW-7206APb Access Points RP-SMA Plug
103 BR-6104Wb, BR-6114Wg Routers RP-SMA Plug
104 EW-7126, EW-7128g PCI Cards RP-SMA Plug
105 EnGenius  
106 NL-2511MP PLUS Mini-PCI Adapter U.FL
107 NL-3054CB PLUS Aries2 Mini-PCI Adapter U.FL
108 NL-3054MP PLUS High Speed Wireless Mini-PCI Adapter U.FL
109 NL-5354MP PLUS Aries2 Dual Band Wireless Mini-PCI Adapter U.FL
111 NL/SL-2511CD PLUS EXT2 Mercury PC Card MMCX
112 NL-5354MP MMCX
113 NL-5354MP PLUS Aries2 MMCX
114 NL-2611CB3 PLUS Multi-Client Bridge / Client RP-TNC Plug (Male)
115 NL-2611CB3 PLUS RP-TNC Plug (Male)
116 NL-2511BG PLUS N-Male
117 SN-900, SN-920, EP-436, EP-490, DuraFon 1X and DuraFon 4X Reverse Thread TNC
118 ECB9500 AP/Router/Bridge Reverse Thread TNC
118 EUB-362 EXT Wireless USB Adapter RP-SMA Plug
119 Enterasys RoamAbout / Cabletron  
120 RoamAbout AP4102, RoamAbout AP1602 Access Points RP-SMA Plug
121 Enterasys Legacy PC Card MC-Card
122 Ericsson  
120 W35 Mobile Broadband Router for 3G/HSUPA Networks MCX Plug (Male)
122 Foundry Networks  
123 IronPoint 200 Access Point MC-Card
124 Fortinet  
125 FortiWiFi-60 Access Point RP-SMA Plug
126 FreeWave  
127 FGR09TS, FGR09CS, FGR09CSU, FGR-5013008 and FGR09SE 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Radios SMA Plug (Male)
128 IM-510X008 and IM-500X008 2.4 GHz Ranger Series Radios SMA Plug (Male)
129 MM2-T TTL and MM2-P-T Ethernet MMCX Straight Plug (Male)
129 FGRM-501X005 and FGRM-511X005 900 MHz OEM Modules MCX-Plug (Male)
130 FGR-115RC, FGR-115WC and FGR-115RE 900 MHz Wireless Radios N-Male
131 IM-800X009, IM-8001009 and IM-900X009 2.4 GHz Wireless Radios N-Male
132 IM-510X007 2.4 GHz Wireless Radio RP-SMA Plug
133 GRE  
134 GRE America Gina RP-SMA Plug
135 Harris  
136 SecNet11 RP-SMA Plug
137 Hawking  
138 HWR54G, HWBA54G, HWP54G, HSB2 RP-SMA Plug
139 Hewlett-Packard / Compaq  
140 ProCurve 420NA Access Point RP-SMA Plug
141 ProCurve 420WL Access Point RP-SMA Plug
142 ProCurve 420WW Access Point RP-SMA Plug
143 Huawei  
144 Huawei EC360 SSMB
146 Huawei EC122, E156, E156G, E160, E160E, E160G, E161, E1612, E169, E176, E176G, E1762, E1820, E196G, E600, E612, E618, E620, E621, E630, E660, E660A, E800, EC321, EC630, EC881E, EMG1691, K3520, UMG181, UMG1691, UMG181 CRC9
143 IBM  
144 IBM Wireless PC Card, IBM Wireless AP500 MC-Card
146 IBM Wireless AP500 MC-Card
145 Intel  
147 Intel PRO/Wireless AP WPCI5000 RP-SMA Plug
147 Intel WEAP2011BK Reverse BNC
147 Intel Po PCI 2011 (PCI) RT SMA
148 Intellinet  
149 Any model with removeable antenna RP-SMA Plug
148 Level One  
149 WAP-0002 (AP) MCX
149 WNC-0200 RP-SMA Plug
149 WNC-0300 RP-SMA Plug
149 WNC-0309 RP-SMA Plug
150 Linksys (Cisco)  
151 Linksys WAP11, WRT54G, WRT54GL, WRT54GS, WAP54G, BEFW11S4, WSB24 Signal Booster RP-TNC Plug (Male)
152 Linksys WET11, WET54G, WMP11 (PCI), WPS11, WMP300N RP-SMA Plug
153 Linksys WMP54G, WMP54GS, WRT54GC RP-SMA Plug
154 Linksys WET54GS5, WPS, WRV54G RP-SMA Plug
154 Linksys WAP2000 Wireless-G Access Point RP-SMA Plug
154 Linksys WAP200 Wireless-G Access Point RP-SMA Plug
154 Linksys WAP200E Wireless-G Exterior Access Point RP N Plug
154 Linksys WET200 Wireless-G Bridge RP-SMA Plug
154 WAP4410N WIreless N Access Point RP-SMA Plug
150 MaxStream  
157 24XTend 2.4 GHz OEM RF Module RP-SMA Plug
158 24XTend 2.4 GHz OEM RF Module MMCX
159 9XStream 900 MHz OEM RF Module RP-SMA Plug
160 9XStream 900 MHz OEM RF Module MMCX
161 9XTend 900 MHz OEM RF Module RP-SMA Plug
162 9XTend 900 MHz OEM RF Module MMCX
163 XStream-PKG-R, XStream-PKG-U, XStream-PKG-E and XStream-PKG-T 900 MHz/2.4 GHz RF Modems RP-SMA Plug
164 XPress 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge RP-TNC
165 9XTend-NEMA 900 MHz RF Modem MMCX
166 9XTend-PKG-R, 9XTend-PKG-U and 9XTend-PKG-E 900 MHz RF Modems RP-SMA Plug
167 9XCite 900 MHz OEM RF Modems RP-SMA Plug
168 9XCite-PKG-R and 9XCite-PKG-U 900 MHz RF Modems RP-SMA Plug
169 XBee and XBee-PRO 2.4 GHz OEM RF Modules U.FL
170 XBee-PRO PKG-R and XBee-PRO PKG-U 2.4 GHz RF Modems RP-SMA Plug
171 Meraki (Cisco)  
172 Meraki MR66 N Plug-Male
171 Meru Networks  
172 Meru Networks AP200 RP-SMA Plug
173 Microwave Data Systems  
174 MDS iNET 900 TNC Plug (Male)
175 Motorola  
176 Motorola WR850G Wireless Router, WA840G, WPCI810G RP-SMA Plug
177 Motorola / Nextel® iM1100 Wireless Modem Straight MMCX
178 Motorola MX360, STX, HT1000, MT2000 and Visar 2-Way Radios SMA Jack (Female)
179 Navini  
180 Ripwave Modem MCX-Plug (Male)
181 Netgear  
182 Netgear DG824MB (Router) RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear DG834GB (Router) RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear DG834GTB RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear FM114P (Router) RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear FWG114P (Router) RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear FVM318 (Router)  RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear ME101 (Bridge) RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear ME103 (AP) RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear MA311 (PCI) RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear WAG302 ProSafe DualBand Wireless AP RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear WEG101 (Bridge) RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear WG102 ProSafe Wireless AP RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear WG302 ProSafe Wireless AP RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear WG311 / WG311T (Wireless PCI Adapter) RP-SMA Plug
182 Netgear WG602 V2 (AP) RP-SMA Plug
184 Neweb Wistron U.FL
185 CM9 U.FL
186 Nextel  
187 Motorola / Nextel iM1100 Wireless Modem Straight MMCX
188 Nokia  
189 Nokia PC Card SMA Right Angle
190 Nomadix  
191 AG-2000-w - Wireless Gateway RP-SMA Plug
192 Nortel  
193 2230 Access Point RP-TNC Plug (Male)
194 2231 Access Point RP-TNC Plug (Male)
195 Novatel  
196 Novatel - Sprint C777 TS9
196 Novatel - Verizon PC770 TS9
196 Novatel EX-720 MS-151
196 Novatel V740 MS-151
196 Novatel U740 PC-Card MS-151
196 Novatel MC727, M760, U727, U760, USB727, USB760 TS9
195 Nurit  
196 Nurit 3010 Wireless Credit Card Terminal TNC Plug (Male)
195 Option   
196 Option GT Max 3.6 / 7.2 PC-Card/ExpressCard MC-Card
197 Proxim  
198 PC Card Gold (8470-FC/8470-WD/8420-WD), PC Card Silver (8471-WD) MC-Card Plug
199 Proxim ORiNOCO® AP-600/AP-700*/AP-4000 *All models except Part#8675-US2 (which has no external connectors) RDM Plug; AP600 Compatible
200 Proxim ORiNOCO 802.11a/b/g PCI Card #8482-WD MCX-Plug (Male)
201 Proxim RL/2 Bridge RP-SMA Plug
202 Proxim RL/2 PC Card, Airconnect AP 3CRWE747A, Proxim Harmony 802.11 PC Card MMCX Plug
203 Proxim Harmony 802.11 PC Card RP-MMXC Plug
204 Proxim Harmony 802.11 AP, Stratum MP RP-TNC Plug (Male)
205 Proxim Mini-PCI Components U.FL
206 QPCOM  
207 QP-W102 (11b access point) RP-SMA Plug
208 QP-WR804B (11b wireless internet router) RP-SMA Plug
209 QP-WR914G (11g wireless internet router) RP-SMA Plug
210 QP-W2400GP (11g PCI adapter) RP-SMA Plug
211 QP-WP2000 ( 11b PCI adapter) RP-SMA Plug
212 QP-WA252G (54 Mbps Wireless AP) RP-SMA Plug
213 QP-WR254G (54 Mbps Wireless Router) RP-SMA Plug
214 QP-W2400GP+ (54 Mbps Wireless PCI adapter) RP-SMA Plug
215 Samsung MagicLAN  
216 Samsung MagicLAN PC Card MMCX Plug
217 Senao  
218 Senao 3054MP Plus Aires2 U.FL
218 Senao 5354MP Plus Aires2 U.FL
218 Senao NCB-3220 RP-TNC Plug (Male)
218 Senao NL-2511AP Pro Plus TNC Plug (Male)
218 Senao NL-2511-BG Plus RP N Plug
218 Senao NL-2511-BG2 Plus N Plug
218 Senao NL-2511CD Plus MMCX Plug
218 NL-2511CD Plus EXT2 Mecury MMCX Plug
218 Senao NL-2511 HS Plus N Plug
218 Senao NL-2511-MP Plus U.FL
218 Senao NL-2611-CB3 Plus Deluxe RP-TNC Plug (Male)
218 Senao NL-2611-CB3 (PCMCIA) MMCX Plug
218 Senao NL-2611CB5 Plus RP-SMA Plug (Male)
218 Senao NL-2611WD3 Plus RP-TNC Plug (Male)
218 Senao NL-3054CB3 Plus Deluxe RP-TNC Plug (Male)
218 Senao NL-3054MP PLus U.FL
218 Senao NL-3054PCI Aries SMA Plug (Male)
218 Senao NL-5354MP Plus U.FL
218 Senao NL-5354MP Plus Aries2 U.FL
218 Senao NMP-352 U.FL
218 Senao NMP-8602 U.FL
218 Senao NOC-3220 SMA Plug (Male)
218 Senao SL-2511-CD Plus Ext2 MMCX Plug
218 Senao SL-2611-CB3 (PCMCIA) MMCX Plug
222 Senao WMP-3000 U.FL
224 Siemens  
225 SpeedStream SS1024 RP-SMA Plug
226 CONNECT2AIR AP-600RP-USB, CONNECT2AIR E-1100 PCI Card GRE: Gina 2015 AP/Bridge RP-SMA Plug
227 Sierra Wireless  
228 Sierra Wireless AirCard 300 SSMB Plug
229 Sierra Wireless AirCard 350 SSMB Plug
229 Sierra Wireless AirCard 305, AirCard 402, AirCard 501, AirCard 502, AirCard 503, Compass 597, Compass 885, Compass 888, Compass 889, USB301, USB302, USB305, USB306, USB307, USB308, USB309, USB598 TS9 Connector
230 Sierra Wireless AirCard 550 SSMB Plug
231 Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 SSMB Plug
232 Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 MC-Card
232 Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 AC595 Proprietary (Short)
233 Sierra Wireless AirCard 750 SSMB Plug
234 Sierra Wireless AirCard 850/860 SSMB Plug (Short)
235 Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 SSMB Plug (Long)
235 Sierra Wireless AirCard 880/881 SSMB Plug (Long)
236 SmartBridges  
237 airPoint XO N-Male
238 airPoint XO2 N-Male
239 airPoint PRO N-Male
240 airPoint PRO TOTAL N-Male
241 airPoint Nexus SB3210 N-Male
242 airPoint Indoor RP-SMA Plug
243 airBridge Indoor RP-SMA Plug
244 airBridge Outdoor N-Male
245 airBridge TOTAL N-Male
246 airNIC RP-SMA Plug
247 SMC  
248 SMC AP/Bridge RP-TNC Plug (Male)
249 SMC 2655W MCX-Plug (Male)
250 SMC 2665W MCX-Plug (Male)
252 SMC2555W-AG, SMC2532W-B, SMC25122-B RP-MMCX
253 SonicWall  
254 TZ 170 SP Wireless, TZ 170, SonicPoint G RP-TNC Plug (Male)
255 Sony Ericsson / Cingular Wireless  
256 Sony Ericsson / Cingular Wireless EDGE GC75, GC82, GC83, GC85 PC-Cards S/E Type 237
257 Sony Ericsson / Cingular Wireless EDGE GC89 PC-Card MMCX
258 Sputnik  
259 Sputnik AP 160 RP-SMA Plug
260 Sputnik AP 200 N-Male
258 Sprint  
259 Sprint / Pantech PX-500 PX-500
261 Symbol  
262 Symbol AP300 Access Point (802.11a Radio) RP-SMA Plug
263 Symbol AP300 Access Point (802.11b/g Radio) RP-BNC
264 Symbol AP-3020, AP-3021, AP-4131 Access Points RP-BNC
265 Symbol AP-5131 Access Point RP-SMA Plug
266 Symbol LA-3021 Client Adapter PC Card MMCX Plug
267 Trango Broadband Wireless  
268 M2400S RP-SMA Plug
269 M900S RP-SMA Plug
270 TRENDnet  
271 TEW-203PI, TEW-228PI, TEW-403PI and TEW-423PI Wireless PCI Adapters RP-SMA Plug
272 TEW-223PI and TEW-303PI PCI Network Adapters RP-SMA Plug
273 TEW-231BRP and TEW-431BRP Wireless Routers RP-SMA Plug
274 TEW-2K1 Wireless Router / PC Card Kit RP-SMA Plug
275 TEW-435BRM Wireless Firewall Router RP-SMA Plug
276 TEW-643PI Wireless N PCI Adapter RP-SMA Plug
277 Tranzeo  
278 XI-325, XI-325H, XI-325HP MMCX
279 Trapeze Networks  
280 Mobility Point 352 (MP-352), Mobility Point 372 (MP-372) SMA Plug (Male)
281 Toshiba  
282 Toshiba AP MC-Card
283 Ubiquiti Networks  
284 Ubiquiti Cardbus 802.11a/b/g MMCX Plug
285 AP-1000 RP-SMA Plug
286 PowerStation2 N-Male
287 NanoStation2 RP-SMA Plug
288 The Bullet N-Female
289 U.S.Robotics  
290 USR2450 Access Point Wi-LAN: AWE 45-24 RP-TNC Plug (Male)
291 USR 8022, USR2216, USR5416, USR5430, USR5450, USR8054, USR9106 RP-SMA Plug
292 Verizon  
293 Verizon Wireless PC5750 PX-500 
292 WaveAccess  
293 WaveAccess 132 RP-SMA Plug
294 Vivato  
295 VA2200 AP/Bridge RP-TNC Plug (Male)
296 WaveRider  
297 WaveRider Waverider Proprietary
298 Westell  
299 VersaLink 327W RP-SMA Plug
300 Wi-LAN  
301 Wi-LAN AWE22/45 RP-TNC Plug (Male)
302 Wi-LAN AWE120-24 TNC Plug (Male)
303 Wi-LAN AWE120-58 N-Male
304 Zcomax / Zcom  
305 Zcomax XI-300/325/325H/325HP/325HP2/1000 RP-MMCX Plug
306 Zcomax WL420/431/450, XG-1000, XI-626/1500/1500H/1500HP/3000, 1500HP2 RP-SMA Plug
307 Zcomax XG-900, XI-625 U.FL
308 Zoomair  
309 Zoomair PC Card 4105 / 4103 U.FL
308 ZTE  
309 MF633+, MF633BP+, MF636+ M852, MF645, MF668, MF668+ TS9
310 ZyXEL  
311 ZyAIR B-1000 Access Point RP-SMA Plug
312 ZyAIR B-2000 Access Point RP-SMA Plug
313 ZyAIR B-3000 Access Point RP-SMA Plug
314 ZyAIR B-5000 Access Point (U.S. Models) RP N-Plug
315 ZyAIR B-5000 Access Point (EU Models) N-Male
316 ZyAIR G-2000 Access Point RP-SMA Plug
317 ZyAIR B-101 PC Card MMCX
318 Prestige 660HW ADSL Gateway RP-SMA Plug
319 NWA-3550 Outdoor Hybrid Access Point N-Male


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